Roundup and Link Love: Ice Storm January 2010 Edition


Here we go again. Almost one year to the day after our last major ice storm, we’re faced with another. I’m a lot better prepared this time and I’m glad I’m with my family this time!

Take a peek at some great posts and articles from the past week:

Judicial Watch has a list of the 2009 Top Ten Most Corrupt Politicians. Don’t worry, it has Democrats and Republicans as well as some surprises. It’s in alphabetical order too, so no one can claim the top spot alone.

Lynnae over at Being Frugal has a fever, Square Foot Gardening Fever! Seriously, few things give me more joy than working with my hands in a garden, learning to patiently wait on a harvest, then enjoying the sweet rewards of that work and patience.

FCN at Five Cent Nickel is learning to live his life without something he’s had for most of his adult life … he’s having to learn to live without a MORTGAGE!

Jason from Frugal Dad is writing a great series called Saving With Purpose. The first article addressed short term goals and how we can plan for specific accomplishments.

Do you have a worst case scenario plan? Should you lose your job or go through some other financially traumatic event, having a plan in place will keep you from making the poor decisions that cause a situation to go from bad to worse.

Lazy Man is worried about saving for college. Saving for College – An Exercise in Depression reveals why I personally need to plan better for my kids college education.

David at My Two Dollars has a jewel of a post – It’s not what you earn, it’s what you spend. Understanding that one tiny fact is why people can retire wealthy while only making a modest income their entire lives.

In 10 Home Office Money Saving Ideas, Craig (a guest poster) helps you set up your home office the frugal way. Great ideas from Cash Money Life!

Brad from Enemy of Debt has No More Mondays. Yep he’s taken the plunge!

Dustin stirred things up a bit with an article on whether couples should have joint or separate bank accounts. Join in the fun!

Mandi from Organizing Your Way guest posted over at Simple Mom. Check out her great article that debunks seven common organizing myths.

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