Roundup and Link Love: My Flooded House Edition

Last week I was in Florida on a business trip when I received a phone call that my home had flooded filled with water from a faulty washing machine. My wife had started a load of laundry and then went to run a few errands, coming home after approximately three hours. It appears that the bottom tub of our Maytag washing machine either cracked or the water fill valve didn’t function correctly. By my calculations between 350 and 400 gallons of water poured into our home before my wife could shut the water off.

I arrived home 5 hours later to find a restoration company extracting as much water as possible from our carpet, but our engineered hardwood floors are completely shot, buckling at the joints already. The crew left 10 dryers and 2 dehumidifiers to run for the next three days. Just the cost of water extraction and use of the dryers and dehumidifiers will easily top $2,000 based on the cost sheet left by the restoration company. I’m glad I have very good homeowners insurance, though my deductible is, ironically … $2,000. Thanks goodness for my emergency fund.

Right now, I’m figuring that all the carpeting and hardwood flooring will have to be replaced because just 2 days later the carpet is already smelling musty. Chances are good we will also have to replace some cabinets and bookshelves that wicked water up into their sides. Also, our baseboards along the walls are swelling and I’m worried that the sheetrock will also have to be replaced to avoid the risk of mold.

It’s going to be a long couple of months and I promise to keep you posted on the way this claim is handled. Maybe we can learn something together. In the meantime, check out these great links of the week from my friends in the blogging world and beyond:

Enjoy the links and say a prayer for us as the insurance adjuster arrives tomorrow.

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