Roundup and Link Love: No News Is Good News Edition

I just received his email from Equifax:

For the last month, Equifax ID Patrol(TM) has been helping protect you from identity theft. We’ve been monitoring your credit file and are pleased to inform you there were no inquiries or other critical events reported in the last month. In this case, no news is good news! If any key changes are reported, we will notify you via e-mail.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you continued identity theft protection.

Your Equifax Customer Care Team

I use personally use Equifax’s Credit Watch Gold to keep my identity safe. A few years back, I was a victim of identity theft and I WISH I had been a member of this program back then. It would have saved me a lot of heartache. Here recently, I was worried again that the same thief was trying to steal my identity again when I received a phone call from a collections agency trying to collect a debt owed by him. Thankfully, it appears that my identity is still safe, thanks to Equifax and their credit monitoring system. I know a lot of people blow off credit monitoring as a waste of money, but that would probably change if they had MY experience.

While I’m sitting back, relaxed about my identity NOT being stolen, here are some articles that I enjoyed this week. Check them out! You might enjoy them as well.

Play board games for frugal fun @ Being Frugal. Lynnae’s daughter declared that debt is BAD and opted to go for a career rather than student loans!

HELP! My “Leader” Isn’t Leading! @ Lifevesting. Once again Andy hits the nail on the head with 10 ways NON-leaders suck the life out of an organization.

Should we pay children an allowance? @ Debt Free Adventure. Deciding to do so presents an incredible teaching opportunity.

Nine qualities that will ROCK your career @ Dumb Little Man. Solid practical tips here. No fluff.

Multi-Level Marketing: Business Opportunity or Scam? @ Cash Money Life. Patrick covers the pros and cons of multi-level marketing, or network marketing, or matrix marketing, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

In case you’re really interested in the MLM opportunity, False Profits by book publisher and co-author, Robert L. FitzPatrick, is the first book-length analysis of pyramid schemes. Check out the blog.

The Dangers of Hotlinking @ My Wife Quit Her Job. Steve points out how someone else’s server may cause your site to hang up. Not a good thing if you use the web to earn a living!

Did you know that the manufacturer listed on your appliance may not have actually made it? Check out Who Makes What @ Appliance 411

401(k) Advice You Should Ignore @ Amateur Asset Allocator. Turns out that not all advice is good advice.

Enjoy the links.

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