Roundup and Link Love: Please No More Snow Edition 2010

snowstorm 2010I know the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted another 6 weeks of winter, but this is getting ridiculous. Though we haven’t had nearly as much snow as many of my friends in the North East, we’ve had about 4x the average amount in any given year and frankly, we’re tired of it. I can only imagine what you guys along the Atlantic coast, New England, and North Eastern US are going through. These global warming snowstorms are wearing me out.

Hopefully you still have electrical power … or some battery life.


  • Guess who wants to track your cell phonewithout a warrant.
  • Are you ready for a middle class tax increase – even for those making less than that magical $250,000 per year?
  • The new governor of New Jersey has been reading personal finance blogs (or at least taking our advice!) and decided to freeze spending – guess who’s furious?
  • Getting a super mega bonus as a banker is okay, depending on who you know.
  • Just five decades ago, a middle-class American family of four paid about six percent of their annual income in taxes of all types.  Today, such a family pays well over forty percent. Are we any better off? Are taxes about NEEDS or about BELIEFS?

From the Life Skills Network:

From the Extraordinary Life Network:

From all over the web:

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