Roundup and Link Love – Restful October Weekend Edition

Now that the yard is mowed, let the rest begin. I’ve worked 18 out of the last 19 days in a row and I’m pretty worn down. Kinda funny since I’ve recommended recently that people get plenty of rest, huh? I need to follow my own advice!

The Wisdom Journal popped up over 1,500 readers recently, and I want to say a sincere thank you to each one of my subscribers. I truly appreciate the confidence you’ve shown by subscribing to this blog and checking out what I’ve written. Thank you.

Here’s some other great blogs you can check out this beautiful October weekend. This is a pretty big list, but I’m reading them all!

From the Life Skills Network:
High School students getting trapped in a generation of financial mistakes @ Frugal Dad. As I say in my About page, the three most important things in our lives are sadly ignored: personal financial management, co-existing peacefully with others (spouse, siblings, friends, etc), and developing a work ethic.

15 MUST DO fall finance tips @ My Dollar Plan. My personal favorite was to make a Christmas budget.

79 brilliant budgeting resources you’ll love @ My Supercharged Life. Thanks to Jeff for including some of my posts in this great list!

3 things on your to do list @ On Simplicity. Sara takes just a few seconds to plan her top three things and it frees up her mind. Give it a try. Get those thoughts down on paper!

Gather your holiday addresses now, when there’s still plenty of time @ Simple Mom. Once again, planning ahead frees you up to think on other things!

10 ways to save 10 minutes daily @ Marc and Angel Hack Life. Who couldn’t use an extra 100 minutes per day?

From all over the Internet:
Think locally, act globally @ The Ludwig von Mises Institute
How education reporters lie with statistics @ The Cato Institute
Some GOOD news! @ Free Money Finance
Christmas without credit … and this is a BAD thing? @ All Financial Matters
10 unconventional money saving tips @ Get Rich Slowly
6 reasons to love this economy (really, I’m serious) @ Lazy Man and Money
How to survive and thrive in a recession @ The Dough Roller
Do your kids [even] know what money looks like? @ Being Frugal
Warren Buffet is buying American stocks right now and you should too @ Consumerism Commentary
The death of index investing @ Early Retirement Extreme
Why can’t I kill the desire to sped money? @ Everybody Loves Your Money
How do you evaluate job offers? @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
How to calculate tax equivalent yield @ Five Cent Nickel
Beware of flood damaged cars @ Cash Money Life
7 things you shouldn’t do in an economic crisis @ Bible Money Matters
Frugalist expense reduction guide @ Moolanomy
Are you prepared for disaster? @ Dumb Little Man
A Lesson on recession @ Gather Little By Little
10 reader hacks @ Frugal Hacks
Zero percent credit cards are not free @ Christian Personal Finance
Asset allocation: a brief introduction @ Mrs Micah
Saving on your grocery bill @ Green Panda Treehouse
Putting together my what if … emergency information @ My Two Dollars
Still True: Live within your means @ Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
This recession can ultimately be a good thing @ Sense to Save
How to protect your child’s credit history @ Gen X Finance
How to dress well for less – frugal clothing 101 @ Not Made of Money
Mommy are we poor? What to say to children during hard times @ Credit Withdrawal
Not selling is the same as buying @ Quest for Four Pillars
Sunk costs and the act of letting go @ I’ve Paid For This Twice Already
What I did when my wife lost her wallet @ Mighty Bargain Hunter
$30,000 to $0 – how we became debt free in one year @ Small Notebook
How to recognize a bull trap @ The Personal Financier
Just two possibilities @ Uncommon Cents
Making milestones matter @ Working Smarter
The next big economic trend that will make you rich @ Millionaire Money Habits
Free spreadsheets and resources for managing finances @ No Credit Needed
Maybe you can’t make money doing what you love @ Seth Godin’s blog


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