Roundup and Link Love: Sharebuilder Edition

In times past, one of the biggest barriers to investing was the requirement that investors purchased a “round lot” of shares. A round lot is 100 shares and most brokerage houses didn’t want to bother with you. The Internet changed all that.

investingToday, you can get into the investing world much more easily, especially with sites like Sharebuilder. Owned by ING (the savings account people), what’s unique about Sharebuilder is that investors can purchase stocks and ETFs for only $4 per trade. If you want to fully automate your investing and are willing to schedule an investment program one year in advance, Sharebuilder will charge you only $1 per monthly investment! One dollar.

When it comes to investing, putting a little money aside each month, even just $20, can go a long way. ShareBuilder’s automatic investing philosophy helps you plan for your future through steady, dollar-based investing. Most online brokers make you buy full shares of stock, but not Sharebuilder. They let you buy “partial shares” so that the amount you invest fits your budget.

You can build wealth by consistently purchasing stock over a long period of time, putting your plan on autopilot. That means you don’t have to babysit your plan – who wants to check their portfolio all the time? Your plan runs on a regular schedule and you decide how often to invest – weekly, biweekly, monthly, or just when you have the money – and Sharebuilder handles the rest.

Take a few minutes and check out Sharebuilder today!

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