Roundup and Link Love – Short Weekend Edition

Having just arrived home last night at 8:30PM from a business trip, I’m already packing for my next one. I leave tomorrow morning at 9:00AM for another “out of towner” … but at this point, I’m grateful to be employed!

Here are a couple of links to check out:

Madison at My Dollar Plan is getting started in real estate investing. I heard that some homes in Detroit were selling for less than a soft drink at the cafeteria so this is probably a GREAT idea.

Sara at On Simplicity wrote a beautiful post called 37 Easy Ways To Say I Love You.

Jeff at My Supercharged Life is eating the 5 foods that make his brain sharper. These are some of my favorite things to eat!

In one of the funnier posts of the week, Frugal Dad has heard it all: renting rims for cars. Yeah, that’s a new one on me, too! LOL!

For a thought provoking viewpoint, try reading How Time Management Can Ruin Lives from Marc and Angel Hack Life. The real key in life is BALANCE.

Wanna get mad … or scared? David at My Two Dollars uncovered the fact that banks haven’t been paying their FDIC insurance premiums … for more than 10 years. Further proof that we cannot trust politicians to do anything right.

Have you been keeping up with the Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer brawl? Check out Cash Money Life for the latest.

With the current economic crisis, it’s easy to feel a lot of stress and our kids are no exception. Check out the post at Father Sez called: How Do We Prepare Our Kids To Handle Stress.

In the financial question of the day (year?) Paid Twice examines whether it’s better to eliminate debt or increase savings in this economy. Very timely article.

Over at Uncommon Cents, Ryan found a great website to help you with DIY projects. Great find!

Enjoy the links, I gotta go pack again.

photo credit: flat-black 66

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