Roundup and Link Love – Spring 2008 Edition

TulipsSpring is here! Cool mornings, warm afternoons, kites, songbirds, just staring out the office window, baseball, fresh cut grass, short sleeved shirts, picnics, flowers everywhere, dogwood trees in bloom, sunshine, burgers on the grill, open windows, walks in the evening, convertibles, baby animals, and fresh air. Spring represents new life, new beginnings, and new possibilities. I love Spring!

BluebirdNew life for a new network.
Several bloggers have banded together to offer readers The Life Skills Network. We are truly excited about offering our respective sites on an aggregated feed to give you information about such things as investing, motivation, green living, frugality, and personal finance. We’re hoping to add additional blogs with primary topics such as home improvement, gardening, parenting, and cooking. The Life Skills Network will offer you a centralized place to gather the information you need to maximize your enjoyment of life. Here’s some of my fellow Life Skills Network friend’s fantastic reads for the weekend:

Spring is a time for FIX-UP! Don’t you just love doing your own home repairs? The Frugal Dad learned why plumbers are so well paid! FD got it done, and offers tips to help you do some of your own small home repairs.

MonarchSpring is a great time to begin a healthy eating plan. David from The Good Human examines the worst food in America. There are some great alternatives to these bad foods, though. Try reading Eat This Not That: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds-or More! I own this book and using it’s ideas has helped me lose 27 pounds since January 1. Yep, 27 pounds!

Pink DogwoodSpring means graduations and graduations cause me to think about my children’s college education. We have some well funded 529 plans on all three of my children but is it going to be enough? Madison at My Dollar Plan looks at U-Promise Rewards and the FREE MONEY they offer for education.

GoldfinchSpring is also a time to think about your taxes and your retirement. Ciaran at Chance Favors believes that the Roth IRA should be the cornerstone of retirement for Gen X’ers. He has a great article on 8 things you should know about a Roth IRA for 2008. Ciaran is a financial pro and his advice, though FREE is PRICELESS!

Here are some awesome Spring sites you should check out:

Speaking of taxes, try reading Free From Broke’s why getting a large tax refund is bad.

This Spring you could be receiving your tax rebate check. Use Five Cent Nickel’s official tax rebate calculator to find out where you stand.

Young and Frugal has life tips my finance professor taught me. These are great. Here’s a peek–do one hour of research for every $1,000 spent on an item. Whoa. That might change a few things I was planning to buy this Spring. *cough – riding lawnmower – cough*

Lynnae at has some frugal spring break activities you should check out.

This spring we all need to learn that a dollar saved is better than a dollar earned. Why? Check out Pinyo’s article at Moolanomy.
Spring was the time of year that Cash Money Life was born! Proud father Patrick celebrates his blog’s birthday!

Spring is a great time to make new friends. Read JLP’s how to become the kind of person people like at All Financial Matters.

If you’re one of the rare people shopping for a new home and a mortgage this Spring, be sure and read Jonathan’s article Shopping For A Mortgage? Consider Upfront Brokers and Upfront Direct Lenders at My Money Blog.

Glblguy started out this Spring with the shocker that his blocked his blog! I wonder if he knows some ways to get around that? Hmm.

I hope your Spring is a wonderful and prosperous time for you and your family. Get out there. Have fun. Make some memories.