Roundup and Link Love Stuck in the Airport Again Edition

Here I am, stuck in another airport with delayed flights for who knows what reason this time? Last time it was a “crew problem.” I later found out that one of the pilots walked out and quit…on the spot. I’m not sure what the problem is today, but all I know is I want to get home!

Oh well, at least they have free wi-fi here! :D

Let’s spread around a little link love while I’m at it.

Over at The Life Skills Network, we have:

Ciaran answering a reader’s questions about Self Employment Retirement Plans. Maybe if I can get some other ventures to a certain point, I won’t have to worry about sitting in airports, hoping my flight isn’t delayed…again.

Jeff at My Supercharged Life is desperate to help his readers avoid a small financial calamity. He begs, “Please let me talk you out of buying a new car. Right about now, I need his help. I’d like to buy a new car and just drive home!

David at the Good Human writes about some new organic, environmentally friendly pizza franchises that are coming soon. Don’t see anything here in this airport. Mostly junk food!

Madison at My Dollar Plan analyzes her energy use. Just a quick check around here at the airport and I see they’re using CFL’s. Good move. They last sooo much longer!

Jason at The Frugal Dad reminds us that there’s a difference in being frugal and being cheap. If I ever DO get on this airplane, I guarantee I’ll experience cheap….I’m in coach on this trip.

Here are some other great blog reads for you to check out this weekend!

Patrick at Cash Money Life says if you haven’t filed your taxes, you’re not alone. Yes, I’ve filed but I’M not alone, they just announced that not only is my flight DELAYED but it’s also OVERBOOKED. Man, oh man. I hope I don’t get bumped. This isn’t good.

Over at Five Cent Nickel, he offers 10 tips for avoiding an income tax audit. I need 10 tips for avoiding a delayed flight!

Lynnae has a great post about decluttering a child’s room. If she thinks that’s bad, she should see my suitcase. It’s somewhere in this airport, hopefully NOT heading to the Bahamas.

Jeremy at Generation X Finance asks if Generation X is responsible for our current economic crisis? What I want to know is who is responsible for my delayed flight…

The Silicon Valley Blogger has a great guest post article from Paul Damazo, the author of 80 Proven Ways to become a Millionaire on how money challenges prevent you from building the live you love. I have some airline challenges that are preventing me from living the life I love! Come on Delta! Get your act together!

Mr. Cheap runs the number on some real estate investments at The Quest for Four Pillars. I’m running the numbers on my delayed flight and…wait a minute…it’s delayed AGAIN! Great.

NCN at No Credit Needed writes about Sounds like he is making fantastic progress! Now if I could only make some progress on my trip home…

Paidtwice has some retirement advice that shouldn’t be ignored. I have some travel advice if she needs it. Don’t fly Delta out of Cincinnati.

Mrs. Micah is having trouble establishing credit, any credit. It seems that most credit bureaus doesn’t think she exists! I’m beginning to think that Delta doesn’t think I exist either.

OK, looks like I’m going to board here in about 30 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed and visit these sites while I’m going 550 miles per hour in a hollow aluminum tube at 39,000 feet while sitting in a seat designed for an anorexic 3rd grader.


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