Roundup and Link Love Summer Olympics 2008 Edition

I don’t know about you, but the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night were AWESOME! I don’t think the grandeur of these opening ceremonies will be surpassed in my lifetime. It really goes to show you how nations can come together, put aside their differences, and compete to be the best in the world.

Why can we not put aside our differences for more than 2 weeks every 4 years?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Anyway, here are this weeks links that are AWESOME in their own respects!

Frugal Dad updates us on his square foot gardening project.

My Dollar Plan has a link for you to get a free $25 bucks. Gotta love free money!

My Supercharged Life reminds us of the benefits of smiling :D . It’s working!

Simple Mom shows us how to simplify by using a month long menu plan. Planning is the easiest way to simplify!

Marc and Angel remind us to spend a few minutes to save a few hours. Great advice here. A small, well-timed investment can pay big.

Why not make an investment in being nice? Sara at On Simplicity shows you the benefits.

Nickel has a post on the dismal condition of financial education that is provided in our schools. It really makes you worry, but maybe some personal finance bloggers like Nickel can stem the tide a little!

Patrick at Cash Money Life writes about the unclaimed economic stimulus checks. There are over 5 MILLION of them out there!

Lynnae at Being Frugal writes a very interesting post on the pull of her credit card. She outlines the struggles she’s had with plastic.

Bob at Christian Personal Finance polled some bloggers and came up with 15 ways to make a quick $200.

Erica at asks an interesting question to entrepreneurs: Is extreme frugality a waste of time?

David at My Two Dollars understands what it’s like to be an employee and an entrepreneur and says that a salary is not the only thing that can make an employee happy.

Gibble has a news flash! Sales of SPAM are on the rise. Not the email kind, the canned kind. I bet no one knows that SPAM is a liquid slurry before being pressed into those cans. I have a friend that works at Hormel…

Pinyo at Moolanomy wrote about victim mentality and personal finance. His advice: Take action NOW to overcome your problems. Great advice!

Sometimes you have to make hard choices to overcome those problems. Plonkee suggests that maybe you should consider moving to a place with a cheaper cost of living.

Single Guy Money is starting a series on getting back to basics with personal finance.

That One Caveman noticed that gas is getting cheaper and reminds us to NOT backslide now!

SVB at The Digerati Life has a list of vehicles that can help save gas. I like the “traveling bowling ball” idea myself.

If you’d like to see where The Wisdom Journal ranks among 150+ Personal Finance blogs, check out to see PF blogs ranked by quantity of posts, age, feed count, or just A to Z. An amazing amount of work went into this!

Now, I’m off to watch beach volleyball and some men’s gymnastics. Enjoy the links and be sure to subscribe to these great blogs.

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