Roundup and Link Love – Time to Mow the Yard Again Edition


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Spring has sprung … at least that’s what the weeds in my yard are saying! When will some geneticist cross breed the aggressive and tenacious characteristics of a weed with the nutrition of vegetables? World hunger would be solved in just a few weeks. Dandelions can grow in the cracks of a sidewalk for Pete’s sake …

Yep, it’s time to tune up the lawnmower. While I’m cutting my acre of weeds, check out some of these posts:

The Wisdom Journal was featured as a guest blogger on MSN Smart Spending blog with 10 Ways To Blow Your Severance Package.

Did you know that if you bought a home at the height of the market in 1979, today it’s worth the same amount of money (inflation adjusted)? The scary thing is that we’ve been told for decades that homes only go up in value. Yeah, right. Welcome to reality.

Jason at Frugal Dad asked if parents should pay off their children’s debt. I honestly felt sick when I read this. It was fear to be honest with you — fear that, despite my attempts to teach and coach them, my children would fall into the same trap I fell in and have to struggle for most of their adult lives to get out of debt.

JD at Get Rich Slowly has assembled his Financial Literacy Compendium. This is a vast library of his previous posts on everything related to personal finance. Bookmark this one. You’ll want to be able to refer back to it over and over.

Erica knows the real reasons you don’t save for retirement. It all boils down to visualization.

Over at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, check out Will Your Parents Financial Decisions Leave You Holding The Bag? In other words, will you wind up supporting your parents?

Oh, by the way, did you know that 13 firms receiving bailout funds owe back taxes? When will the incompetence of politicians ever end?

While Lynnae from Being was watching her daughter play soccer, she realized the importance of tenacity both in soccer AND in your financial life as you move toward frugality.

Glblguy at Gather Little By Little appears to love Star Wars as much as I do! His post, Do or Do Not – There is No ‘Try’ is a great read, and it’s even better if you take it to heart. Quit trying. Start doing.

I hope you enjoy the links! Check them out while I change the oil in my lawnmower and get the blades sharpened.

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