Roundup and Link Love: Welcome to Mandi Edition!

The Life Skills Network has added a new member and we’re very happy to have her on board! Mandi from Organizing Your Way has joined our eclectic band of bloggers and we’re all excited to introduce her to our readers.

Here are a few of her recent posts:

  • Stress Free Back To School: Helping Your Child Organize For Success was a great article. I particularly liked Key Tip #2 – Make organization a family value.
  • How I “Do It All” is a post about how she manages her priorities. I loved reading her “Things I Do” vs.. “Things I Don’t Do” list.
  • Nesting: Preparing For A New Baby Part One describes her preparations for baby number FOUR. Add in that she runs three blogs and homeschools her other three children and I’m just left with … wow.

I hope you enjoy Mandi’s writing as much as I do. We’re very glad to have her on board!

Links for the Week

How To Do a Background Check on Your Financial Advisor lists FOUR solid, easy-to-check sources to insure your advisor is legit.

Seven Good Reasons For Making Your Own Household Products – there are probably more than seven, but these are a good start!

Tightwad Tuesday: Learn The Home Arts – saving money can simply be a matter of making and mending rather than wasting and spending.

The myth of the parent that NEEDS to work – Steve hits the nail on the head with this article. Worth reading twice.

Budget Travel Tips – who couldn’t use some great tips to save money while traveling? Not sure about the couch surfing though, my crew of 5 might not fit!

Freeganism: The Ultimate in Frugality reveals how NON thrifty we really are. Some people take frugality to a whole different level.

How To Sell Your House Fast – 9 Tips To Get The Most From Your Home Sale can help you make more cash by selling you home fast. My favorite: Don’t Be There.

Changes in Personal Finance — Mrs Micah looks at how our attitudes, methods, expectations, and customs have changed over the generations.

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent – umm, car wheels? Seriously? There were some surprises in this article!

Money Roadblocks To Keep You Financially Honest lists several ways to slow down or stop you in your tracks when you’re about to spend money frivolously.


Hope you enjoy the links! Don’t forget about my book giveaway of “In Cheap We Trust” coming up in a few days. All you have to do is make a comment ON THAT POST to be entered into the drawing.

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