Roundup and Link Love: Will it ever stop raining edition?

I can’t remember ever praying for a drought, but I’m almost there. My area of the country has been experiencing heavy consistent rainfall for weeks and my yard is in need of a brush buster and a wet/dry vac! I can’t run my lawn tractor because it will create ruts in the yard. Really. It needs to dry out!


This weeks spotlight blog is Amateur Asset Allocator, a blog written by a 20-something living in Atlanta (I love Atlanta!). According to Kyle, the blog’s author, he

works for a software company but since graduating college, investing, economics, and personal finance have been a huge hobby. [His] goal is to reach financial independence by 40, which means by then [his] income from financial assets should exceed income from [his] job.

Here are a few of Kyle’s recent posts:

I hope you enjoy Kyle’s work. I’m looking forward to reading more from this blog!

The Fab Five

An Auction Experience To Remember at My Dollar Plan. Madison relates her experience at a real estate auction.

Sara gives some fabulous ideas on How to Host a Simple Game Night with your friends or family. Game nights are great!

Being Grateful: Counting Up All that You Have Going For You at My Supercharged Life. Jeff hits us square between the eyes (in a nice way!) to help us see things from a different perspective.

What Malcolm Gladwell Should Have Told You In Outliers at PluginID Glen does a fantastic job finding the little thing that was left out of the book. I loved Outliers and even gave away 5 copies on my blog, but I think Glen nailed it.

Curbing Your Appetite For Stuff at Frugal Dad. It’s hard, I know, but material possessions really don’t make you happy. If they did, the narcissists in Hollywood would be the happiest people on earth!

Best of the Rest

Health Care Tax B.S. at All Financial Matters. “Change you can believe in” might become “Change you can’t believe.”

Five practical steps for generating new ideas and insights from Marc and Angel Hack Life. This was a guest post from Glen at PluginID again!

Interview with a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor! Way to go Baker!

Anti Credit Card Legislation Hurts Just About Everyone at Mighty Bargain Hunter. Truer words were never spoken.

Work Abroad This Summer at Cash Money Life. I wish I had done something along these lines when I was in college.

Are You An ATM Parent? Am I An ATM Parent? This one hurt. If you’re a parent, you REALLY need to read this post. Ouch.

Enjoy the links. I’m still hoping to mow my yard.

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