Roundup and Link Love – Yellowstone 2008 Edition

The upper falls
photo credit: Mega Hammond

I’m writing this one a little early because we’re currently on our way to Yellowstone National Park! I’m planning on posting some pictures early next week so stay tuned…

Here are some fabulous posts from The Life Skills Network. Be sure and check these out.

A simple life is a good life @ My Supercharged Life
I appreciate Jeff’s perspective here. We’ve become a consumer society that’s bent on gathering stuff we don’t really need.

How do you budget with an irregular income @ Simple Mom
Learning to budget with an irregular income means some self discipline and planning. The Simple Mom has some great tips here.

9 black belt techniques for fighting laziness at work @ Marc and Angel Hack Life
Guilty as charged. Here’s a sneak peek: #3 – Don’t Stop Doing… Start the Next Related Task.

11 fun and frugal summertime activities @ My Dollar Plan
My favorites were strawberry picking and visiting the farmer’s market. THAT brings back a lot of memories!

How we spent our economic stimulus check @ Frugal Dad
We spent our on debt reduction! The credit card is dead!

Here are some other great reads:

Creating my list of financial priorities @ No Credit Needed
Love the home you’re stuck with @ CNN Money
Get ready to consolidate your student loans @ Consumerism Commentary
THe hidden costs of renting a car @ Five Cent Nickel
The law of household economics”> @ All Financial Matters
Freeze your air conditioning costs”> @ Cash Money Life
Save money with Ebay”> @ Being Frugal
The surprising costs of DIY @ Saving Advice
The rold of religion in this year’s election At US News and World Report
What investment risk actually looks like @ The Digerati Life
Absentminded eating and absentminded spending @ I’ve Paid For This Twice Already
Pre-pay your mortgage before buying the house @ On Financial Success

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