Roundup and Link Love: Yes, It’s Hot Edition

I’ve been traveling this week across Mississippi and Alabama and believe me, summer has arrived. I didn’t leave until Tuesday but the day before, I neglected to close my car windows  for the first 30 minutes of a torrential rainstorm. With a damp seat and incredible heat (105+), opening my car door in the morning means an instant steam bath! Whew.

Spotlight Blog Of The Week

This week’s spotlight blog is Frugal and Thriving, written by Melissa from “he beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.” She wrote a great post this week on Why Being A Cheapskate Can Cost You More. Great post about the difference between having a frugal mindset and just being cheap.

The Fab Five

Why I Expect Serious Stagflation @ Mises. The author predicts that we are in store for a miserable decade of economic stagnation. Given all of the huge assaults of the federal government into the private sector in just the past six months, I frankly don’t understand how anyone except true believers in Karl Marx can be seeing “green shoots.”

3 Quick Tips for Getting Ahead In Life @ My Supercharged Life. Jeff gives us three ideas that will make a serious difference in how we view ourselves and our lives.

Another great articles this week was 4 Things You Never Get Back from Andy over at LifeVesting. The posts isn’t very long but is very thought provoking. You really need to read this one.

In 4 Simple Ways to Make The Most Of Your Day, Sara from On Simplicity serves up some twists that may surprise you.

Mandi at Organizing Your Way guest posted over at Frugal Dad with her own tips for organizing your way to frugality. She says that “organized spaces are addictive” and I agree!

Best of the Rest!

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