24 Signs You May Be A Mega Consumer

Mega Consumers appear to be the driving force in the US economy. Everything hinges on the consumer: the auto industry, the home building industry, the retail industry, the restaurant industry, even the banking industry. Your government thinks so much of consumers, they have sent out “stimulus” checks.

Frugal websites abound with tips and techniques that try to combat consumerism and, hopefully they are having an effect. Still, we are a nation of consumers.

We can’t get away from all consumerism. Even if someone lives in a cave in the mountains, they’re still consuming something, though their contribution to consumerism would be very small (some call these spenders instead of consumers). Others won’t be persuaded to embrace frugality because they don’t have to, they’re wealthy enough to literally never worry about money. But there is a group of people who are the Mega Consumers despite NOT having huge trust funds. Do any of these characteristics describe you?

You have a yard sale every 3 months just to make room for more stuff.
You cannot fit anything else in your garage…and you don’t even have your car in there.
You have a separate filing system for each of your vehicles, including the boats and the RV’s.
You genuinely have no idea how much money you have, or where you have it, or where it goes.
You trade in your new car for a newer car every 12 months, or less if the mood strikes you.
You think a Vacation of the Month club sounds like something you’d be willing to join.
You think “Budget” is the name of a rental car company.
You engage in an expensive hobby without seeking ways to reduce its costs ($200 golf weekends, spending $2,000 for a hunting club, etc)
You claim to have “nothing to wear,” yet your closet is full to overflowing.
You camp out at a store to be the first to get the latest tech gadget.
You go to those “free vacation” time share weekends and fall for the spiel.
You’ve memorized the menu from more than one restaurant.
You’ve already spent your economic stimulus check, even though you haven’t received it.
You get jealous when the neighbors get a delivery from the furniture store.
You have HSN and QVC on speed dial.
You plan your vacations based on the shopping that’s available.
You know your credit card customer service reps by name and extension.
Your motto is, I came, I saw, I wanted, I bought.
You evaluate every purchase in light of its monthly payment, or what your limit is on Visa, or which credit card you’re NOT late on.
You don’t care that you have no money for savings, vacations, or entertainment, you spend it anyway.
You think wants are needs. Actually, you have no wants. They’re ALL needs.
You may be broke but it’s not your fault.
You have a personal parking space reserved at the mall.
You don’t care whether you rent, buy, or lease, just give it to me.

What are some other signs of the Mega Consumer?

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