Your Low Salary Isn’t Really Your Fault

June 18, 2017 Mike 0

Tweet You show up. You work hard. Yet, you still have a low salary and you can’t make ends meet. It has nothing to do with your own abilities (or lack of them), it has nothing to do with your

Where Do We Go From Here? How About Back To The Basics

April 4, 2017 Mike 0

Our basic financial system appears to be broken. The Federal government is borrowing from our future and using the money to bail out crooks, cronies, and contributors. Here we are on Main Street America anxiously waiting for the second Great […]

7 Things to Discuss Before the Marriage License

May 2, 2016 Mike 0

I personally don’t believe your marriage should based on a marriage compatibility test dreamed up by a psychiatrist entrepreneur. It should be based on chemistry, yes, but also on a set of shared values and ideals. Marriages between people who […]