Take Responsibility

You probably can also remember a number of times where neither you nor anyone else took total responsibility for something that people agreed would be great to achieve. It never happened, of course, because no one took responsibility. The neighborhood walking path that never got beyond the planning stage. The class reunion that fizzled. The local theater group that never materialized.

The examples are different in each of our lives, but the principle remains the same. When no one takes responsibility for an idea, it remains just that: an idea. No one develops a vision, a will, a determination. Actions are half-hearted and uncoordinated. There is no persistence. Critics and doubters get all the attention, chipping away at everyone’s motivation and the momentum fades.

When you compare those moments when you took responsibility and ultimately achieved something, to those other moments when no one took responsibility and nothing was achieved … you begin to appreciate the breathtaking power of that one single act of taking total responsibility, in having an attitude, a mindset even, that THIS WILL GET DONE.

What are you going to get done? What one thing in your life that, if you gave it your all, would have a dramatic impact on you, your family, or your community?

What’s stopping you? Why? How are you going to get around that obstacle?

Photo by Dshalock® the Libertarian Emperor of America