Two New E*Trade Commercials

I love the new E*Trade commercials. The marketing company who dreamed up the talking babies created a memorable phenomenon with people who will probably never use their products. That’s a shame, I’ll explain later. First, watch these two new commercials and enjoy!

E*Trade has been around for 20+ years and was one of the Internet’s first major online brokers. Today, they’re recognized as the #1 online broker by Smart Money magazine.

With very low pricing and an innovative platform, it’s no wonder they’re ahead of the pack. E*trade also offers opportunities to learn about trading stocks and making the different investments they have available.

Me? I’m sticking with How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street, making small investments into a broad based US index fund, an international fund, a bond fund, and a commodities fund. The thing is, I make all these investments via ETFs (exchange traded funds) through my online broker – E*Trade! If you’d like to do the same thing, read the book and then open an E*Trade account yourself!