Unlimited Rewards With A PerkStreet Checking Account

How to earn $600 or more per year

That’s the amount the average American family earns with a Perkstreet checking account. Using a calculator on their site, by simply spending $2,500 per month and maintaining a balance of $5,000, you can easily hit that $600 mark. Spend more and earn more, there is no limit to the rewards you can earn with PerkStreet. There are some daily spending limits for newer accounts, but if you need to spend $100,000 in a single transaction, simply call customer service!

How can any bank offer these rewards?

PerkStreet customers don’t use branches and so branches aren’t necessary. That saves billions of dollars every year that other banks have to extract from their customers to build and keep their branches open. PerkStreet uses that money to give their customers these rewards.

What about ATMs?

With the largest free ATM network in the country, Perkstreet has you covered, 37,000 of them if you’re keeping count.

Sign up for PerkStreet’s checking account here and start earning YOUR rewards!

How do you fund your PerkStreet account the first time?

You have three options:

1. Use an existing checking account number to transfer funds into your account
2. Use a debit card to fund your PerkStreet account
3. Use a credit card to fund your PerkStreet account

PerkStreet was started to reward people who choose to spend responsibly with debit cards as opposed to creating debt with credit cards. So you might ask PerkStreet allows people to use a credit card to fund their account. The simple answer is the way banking systems work, they can’t necessarily screen for credit cards exclusively. Do I think it’s smart to fund with a credit card? That totally depends on your situation and is your call. Personal finance is personal, after all. They take a libertarian approach and allow customers to make the right choice for themselves. But odds are if you’re smart enough to be signing up for a PerkStreet account, you’re going to make the best choice regardless.