Use the TRACK Method to Achieve Your Goals

It’s still goal setting season, so I thought about what has helped me set goals in the past and came up with the following acronym for achieving goals.

T – Trackable

A goal that cannot be tracked and measured is just a pipe dream. Setting trackable goals will insure that you always know how much progress you’ve made. If you can’t measure and track your progress, you can’t manage your efforts in reaching it. Tracking implies a time relationship as well. Make sure your goal has a time limit to force yourself to hit it. In addition, by tracking your progress, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

R – Reviewable

A goal should be revisited on a regular schedule. If you’re about to hit it, you MUST review and re-set anther goal as soon as possible. Research has shown that those who hit goals without setting new ones regularly fall backwards. That slope is a slippery one, too.

A – Achievable

A goal should be something that’s within your grasp. It does you no good to set a goal of being financially free within 6 months if you only make $40,000 per year when you’re $100,000 in debt. A goal must represent an objective toward which you’re both willing and able to work.

C – Concrete

A goal needs to be tangible. If your goal is to “feel more love,” or “make extra money,” what does that mean? Your goals must be concrete. They must be specific and they must something you can readily experience. Feelings aren’t measurable or trackable. They can change at the drop of a hat.

K – Kinetic

A goal should energize you to action and ignite the passion inside of you. If your goal fills you with dread, or if it doesn’t excite you, you’re working on the wrong goal. Goals should be exciting, something that is rewarding to achieve, and something that drives you to action.

Don’t be afraid to adjust. Things change. Circumstances change. When they do, don’t let a drive for “a foolish consistency” showcase your lack of flexibility. So, TRACK your goals to success!