Weekend Roundup and Link Love – 1st Book Drawing Winner Edition

We have a winner for my first book drawing! The book was Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t and the winner is Mark Rossol from Pennsylvania. Congratulations Mark!

My next drawing is in two weeks and the book I’ll be giving away is The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. If you would like your name included in the drawing, send the NEW free book code at the bottom of my RSS feed to: ron dot haynes at thewisdomjournal dot com. I even pay the postage!

Now for the links!

Jeff from My Supercharged Life wrote a very inspirational post on building a better life through a commitment to continuous, incremental improvements. It’s the continuous part that most people have trouble with!

The Frugal Dad helps you teach compounding interest to your kids. This is a great idea and it doesn’t cost too much, either.

Madison from My Dollar Plan has a list of 30 money saving tips. Here’s a peek: one reader used auto-debit for her loans and received a rate decreasee of a quarter of a percent. Since that is compounded money it is worth a lot more than you might think.

David from The Good Human has a great article on avoiding unhealthy seafood.

Steve from brip blap wrote a two piece report on 15 reason you might and then 15 reasons you might not want to be a consultant. Since consulting is a direction I would like to go myself, I thought these were both great posts. Thank you, Steve.

Patrick from Cash Money Life wrote a cautionary post onpaying your taxes with a credit card. It has it’s pros and cons. Read Patrick’s article before you take the leap though.

JLP at All Financial Matters gave us his thoughts on the current housing mess. All Financial Matters was recently awarded “Most Sensible Money Blog by CNN Money, so read his common sense approach!

Silicon Valley Blogger has a sensible post on investing defensively in a down market. These are some very useful tips. My favorite: #6 Make a bet and invest in defensive sectors. But then, my risk tolerance is way higher than most!

Ryan at Uncommon Cents reminds us how great new technology can be when we forget one simple little item.

Remember to sign up for the next book drawing by emailing the new Free Book Code to me! Look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy these links and be sure to sign up for the RSS feeds on each of these blogs. They all have great stuff on a regular basis. :D

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