Weekend Roundup-No Cooling Pad Edition

Lake Geneva WisconsinWith the cold weather that has moved in, I’m not using the cooling pad on my laptop today. I need all the heat I can get. Maybe some of these great links I’ve found will help take your mind off the cold weather. Of course, if it’s this cold where you are, well, maybe not.

Trent at The Simple Dollar has a 12 item list of little things you can do to save thousands per year. The little things really do add up.

The Frugal Dad reminds us to check the per unit price on items you buy in bulk because buying bulk items isn’t always cheaper. Thanks Frugal Dad!

JD at Get Rich Slowly has a barber that gives out some pretty good advice. Now, if only Portland, Oregon wasn’t 2,187 miles away.

The Digerati Life has ways to reduce your costs when relocating to another city. I could have used some of these ideas a couple of years ago!

I’ve Paid For This Twice Already asked for “experiences” rather than gifts for Christmas this year. She reminds us that, in the long run, experiences are worth more than possessions. I love this idea. Maybe I can get that fighter pilot experience for my birthday?

No Credit Needed says we need to get informed, honest, and focused where it concerns our personal finances . . . NCN is right!

Five Cent Nickel has and interesting idea for stretching your savings in retirement. No, it’s not to move in with your kids.

Yaro with Entrepreneur’s Journey makes a case for podcasting in the park. I like that idea, now if I could just get my boss to agree.

Jonathan at My Money Blog recommends that we save time and money by traveling light. I need to print this one out and show it to my family.

Free Money Finance celebrates the joys of compounding. At 42 (almost), I can only echo the words of one of his comments, “Oh, if only . . .”

The husband and wife team at Not Made of Money (who is?) has a list of 4 places to find fat in your budget. Maybe it will help you generate some fat in your wallet!

I hope you can stay warm in spite of the weather. If you’ve navigated your way here by way of one of these trackbacks, I’d encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed. I promise to keep you updated and provide good and interesting content on this blog!

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