What If Governments Used YNAB?

Second, every dollar would  have a job, a mission, a purpose. Some may claim that this is already happening to a degree in our federal, state, and local governments, but I disagree. These faux budgets our legislators are concocting are shams, they have no idea what’s being purchased, what’s being spent, or WHY. Some people even encourage legislators to “pass the bill to learn what’s in it.YNAB eliminates that possibility because its proprietary software helps you not only track, but helps you dictate how to spend your money. You are in control, not your money, not your debt, not your bill collectors. YOU.

Third, by using YNAB, governments would be able to save for a rainy day. You know they’re coming – those 6 month car insurance premiums that eat your lunch – and this budgeting software helps you prepare for them. YNAB would help our government prepare for the upcoming rainy day known as the Baby Boomer Social Security Buster that’s looming on the horizon in about 10 to 15 years.

Fourth, YNAB would help governments roll with the punches. Things come up, like wars, recessions, and the need to payoff entire states to get your legislation passed.  YNAB makes small adjustments when you overspend, ensuring that you fix those mistakes before you go to the next month. What a concept! Can you imagine anyone in government actually admitting to overspending and doing something about it?

I know. It’s more than just a little far fetched to wish that any government, federal, state OR local, would budget the YNAB way, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Check out YNAB and see if it isn’t the most innovative, intuitive, and incredible way to take back control of your money, because if you don’t control your money, it will certainly control you. Don’t believe me? Just look at the Federal government’s projection of its own debt problems.

Photo by metimbers2000