Design Your Own Credit Card, Build Your Own Credit Card

I clicked “excellent credit”, and that I might carry a balance just to see what would happen. I also wanted to see all available offers. The next screen brought up the following three options:

Select your rewards

  1. Cash back bonus of 5 percent
  2. Interest returned to you as a reward for paying on time
  3. Double airline miles
  4. Double cash back bonus on gas an restaurant purchases


Then, you DO get to design the way your card looks. There are 28 total designs to choose from.


Lastly, you get to choose your terms. There are sliding scales for:

  1. Your introductory purchase annual percentage rate
  2. Your introductory balance transfer annual percentage rate
  3. Your purchases interest rate
  4. Your bonus for just signing up


Discover has really stepped up to make building your credit card very easy and very customizable.

Ready to get started? Great, just make sure you understand the double edge of credit and make sure you can pay your card in full each month without putting your finances in a bind.

Get started building your own customized credit card. Click HERE!