Winner of the YNAB Budget Software Giveaway!

From there, you learn how to give each dollar a specific job. That job may be to pay your rent, feed your family, save for retirement, or build your buffer.

YNAB helps you plan for those rainy days with a built in emergency fund for when your air conditioner dies, or your transmission needs repair, or your child gets sick and you have high deductible insurance (like me).

Lastly, because you learn to live on LAST month’s income, a current hiccup in your budgeting plan doesn’t throw you off track. How many times have you started budgeting, had something come up, and you just gave up? I know I have. YNAB’s built in flexibility keeps your budget in force even if life gets in the way.

So, if you didn’t win the software, you can still win by checking out YNAB’s free 7 day trial. Check it out and give it a try. I think you’ll see how intuitive and ridiculously easy it is to use.

Photo by jody.klopp