You Might Have Too Much Stuff If


10. You keep buying organizers to store more stuff.

9. You hoard like you lose weight – you lose 10 lbs only to gain 15 back.

8. Your basement is full, your attic is full, your closets are full … and your storage rental bill is over $100/month. And it’s full too.

7. You’re considering the purchase of a larger home with a bigger mortgage just to hold all your stuff.

6. You subscribe to catalogues just to find more stuff.

5. You just can’t avoid stopping in the Brookstone store in the mall and buying something.

4. You have every tax return, every paycheck stub, every bank statement, every check, every retirement account statement, and every birthday card since you were 12 … and you’re several decades past that age now.

3. Your DVD’s are spilling out into the living room and some of them are still wrapped in cellophane.

2. The thought of having a yard sale sends shivers down your spine.

1. You can’t even fit your mattress in the 40 ft moving van.

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