Your Low Salary Isn’t Really Your Fault

June 18, 2017 Ron 0

Tweet You show up. You work hard. Yet, you still have a low salary and you can’t make ends meet. It has nothing to do with your own abilities (or lack of them), it has nothing to do with your

Why Your Last Performance Review Didn’t Go Well

June 2, 2017 Ron 0

It’s that time again, time for mid-year performance reviews. Maybe your last review didn’t go so well. Maybe you felt like you were the victim of the “recency effect” where you did everything right for months but messed up twice […]

7 Things I Learned As A New Manager

June 2, 2017 Ron 0

That first big promotion. What a rush! I held the keys, I made decisions, I made the schedule, I was in charge. Nothing beats the smug satisfaction of a career that’s on track. Add to that the bigger paycheck and […]