5 Reasons to Write a Will – Small Step Challenge

June 8, 2017 Mike 0

Tweet Mrs. Micah has tagged several Personal Finance Bloggers with a challenge: Find one step you can take to make your financial system better or more organized. My choice: rewrite my Will. I have to admit that I haven’t thought

Vacation Here I Come!

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

photo credit: P Keigan I’ll be on vacation with my family this week. We’re going on a western Caribbean cruise! I have some posts lined up but I may be a little slow in approving comments and getting back with

3 Ways To Teach Effective Time Management To Children

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Teaching time management skills when life is relatively simple will make it naturally easier for your child when life gets a little more complicated. So how can you effectively teach your child the skill of managing his or her time?

How I Teach My Kids About Money and Life By Using Bricks

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

photo credit: dewfall The little blocks that make up every decision we make are what constructs our lives, financial, spiritual, emotional, psychological, occupational, and every other “—tional” you can think of. Just like a building is built brick by brick, […]

Should You Buy A Car For Your Teenager?

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

This is a controversial issue in many families and a lot of times, the parents are split in their ideas. I believe that parents should address this issue very early so that there are no surprises when the teenager reaches

Say I love you By Being Negative

June 2, 2017 Mike 0

Remember when you were a little kid? When you had wants, needs, or desires, you had only to go to your parents (or maybe grandparents) with your requests. If you wanted a giant dill pickle at your older brother’s little