My Top 5 Personal Finance Blunders

June 25, 2017 Ron 0

NOTE: This post was graciously included in the 3rd Anniversary of the Carnival of Personal Finance #157 as an EDITOR’S CHOICE at Consumerism Commentary. Many thanks to Flexo for hosting. Be sure and subscribe to Consumerism Commentary via RSS or […]

Get Your Emergency Fund In Place Now

June 25, 2017 Ron 0

An emergency fund exists to help you and me handle those unexpected expenses that always seem to pop up at the worst possible time. It’s a rainy day fund and since the average person will experience a major life event […]

10 Simple Behavioral Changes That Save Gas

June 20, 2017 Ron 0

Tweet Who would have ever thought that gas prices would almost triple in the last 4 years? When my family and I last moved, gasoline was around $1.39 per gallon. Today, we’re excited to find it for less than $3.50.

5 Ways I Plan To Survive The Recession

June 18, 2017 Ron 0

This article was included in The Festival of Frugality #118 over at My Dollar Plan. Thanks Madison! Recession talk is all around us and the recession is on virtually every news cast. Paul Harvey even says we are in a […]

24 Signs You May Be A Mega Consumer

June 10, 2017 Ron 0

Tweet Mega Consumers appear to be the driving force in the US economy. Everything hinges on the consumer: the auto industry, the home building industry, the retail industry, the restaurant industry, even the banking industry. Your government thinks so much

To The 1,713 People Who …

June 2, 2017 Ron 0

Budgeting with YNAB forces you to live on last month’s income and build a buffer to overcome this month’s budget shortfalls, overages, and surprises. Check out YNAB. You’ll be glad you did.

You Can Score Lower Costs for Kids Sports

June 2, 2017 Ron 0

If you’re interested in keeping your kids in shape and letting them learn the importance and intricacies of teamwork, there are ways to lower the costs associated with kid’s sports.

It’s Yard Sale Season!

June 2, 2017 Ron 0

Getting ready for a yard sale? If not, you should! Here are some great tips to make your yard sale an astounding success.